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Porsche logoCarerra GT Custom or Gemballa

Enjoy this ride built from a Porsche Boxster. Convert yours for only $18K.

Conversion includes exterior kit, labor, paint and leather interior to match.


This Custom Porsche body kit is just plain WILD!  This body kit will fit onto any year porsche boxster which has been stretched 12 inches.   If you would like us to build your Mirage GT for you 100% the total cost is $55,000 plus your Porsche donor car.   We can also fit this body onto a 2001 or newer 911 Porsche.  In order to get started we will need your donor car.  

Gemballa Kit Only, $18,000.00


The Carrera GT rebody for the Porsche boxster has been a favorite of many.  We have built 18 of these so far and they are so popular because the finished look is nothing but European and Expensive.  If you are a die hard porsche fan you will love this car.   We will install this body kit onto your 2001 or newer 911 for the total cost of $45,000.  This includes your choice of colors, wheel style, air adjustable front suspension, show car finish and of course as many pictures of the build along the way as you would like.   When we custom build a car for you the things we need are your donor car.

GT2 Kit only $12,000.00


TurnkeyConversion done with body kit installation, paint, and interior leather.$50,000.00


$50,000.00 including Porsche Boxster

Porsche 550 Gullwing

Turnkey Car $69,000.00

Rolling Thunder Restorations builds their cars according to the order of clients cars when paid for. Normal build times are 5 months per car with the exception of the V16 cars. Those are built in around 8 months time.